Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to face HR question Part 1

                                     To get job, job seeker have to face HR question.

Question arise Why there is HR round for every job..?
HR always try to find Is this person is able to helps my organisation, Will it helps to improve my company revenue, Will this person will work like assets in my company or not..
through certain predefined Parameters Like
confidences, Communication, English, Body language and many more,  HR are jugging the job seeker therefore there is always HR rounds .
Following I am posting some question and answer of some idea question  which generally asked in HR round     

Tell me about yourself.
Good Afternoon sir,
I am Nitish Katre from Maharashtra.i have done engineering from Nagpur university in computer science branch, currently pursuing MBA from IILM Gurgaon my majors subjects are in Marketing and minors are in operation.
My Academic strength are i am good in all subject but  Logistic managment and SCM are my intersect area 
my technical strength are i have sound knowledge of excel,ppt, Software and hardware  
My strength are my motivation power,confidence, leadership quality,honesty.
my hobbies are playing PC games and listening music.
my short team goal is to get placed in professionally manage company.
and long term goals is to become an entrepreneur. 

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My strength are i am confident,positive attitude, sincere, hardworking,honest person.
My biggest strength are my self motivation power which always helps me in each and every steps.
i dont thinks so that i have any weakness, ya but i have some area where i have to improve myself like English to overcome this i am working on it also , 
 I can't refuse helping others if have the resources to help them.

Why should I hire you?

There are two reasons I should be hired. Firstly, my qualifications match your needs perfectly. Secondly I'm excited and passionate about this industry and the position and will always give my 100%.
Sir, I m a fresher, A fresh fruits taste good, a fresh flower has good fragrance, similarly a fresher employer has new thoughts and thinking which would be beneficial for the company.

Why do you want to work at our company?

As I am a fresher I am going to start my career and I want to join a professional managed organization where I can use my skills and knowledge and also friendly environment to work.
So your organization has all these things.
Which is giving me a platform where i can apply my theoretical knowledge in practical environment. 
 So that's why i want to work in your organization. And it will be a pleasure for me.

What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?

Having an attitude that I can do this work is "confidence" but having a notion that only I can do it is "over confidence". There is a very thin line separating confidence and over confidence. A confident person reaches to a great height and an over confident person falls from a great height.

What is the difference between hard work and smart work?

Hard work + Creativity = Smart Work.

Hard work gives experience. This on combination with smart ideas results in Smart work.

A person who can't work hard can never be a smart worker.

Can you work under pressure?

someone that " GOLD will glow more when heated",
Working under pressure also teach lesson in our life, we are under pressure only from the date of joining school till now we have been suppressed by pressure many times, because at that time only our inner talent come out of the shell. It is easier to ride the cycle in the direction of wind, difficult against the wind but when we want to go in that direction surely we will.

Are you willing to relocate or travel?

Yes sir I am ready to relocate as per the company's requirement since the knowledge never changes in relocating and we can enhance great knowledge from the new persons and we can improve our communication better with any kind of people and I feel it is one of my strength to work at any place.

What makes you angry?

I usually get angry when I see persons who talk behind one's back. But there is no good in arguing with them about it. So I'll try to just ignore them and don't let them spoil my life by worrying about them.

How much salary do you expect?
Salary of course, is the biggest factor that matters, but at this stage, I am a fresher so I just need a gateway to show my skills with my hard work and my knowledge. So, whatever be offered to me would be acceptable. But I know the offered salary will fulfill my all the requirements and will force me to put my best.

If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work?

$10 million can't get me 10 million new things to lean, if I get this lottery I will keep it as asset and work for my asset that is knowledge.

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