Sunday, 18 March 2012

Learning’s and Outcomes from the Live Project(Reckitt Benckiser)

Learning’s and Outcomes from the Live Project:
Reckitt Benckiser, being one of the leaders in the FMCG category round the world, influences significantly the market of each and every country it has its presence in it . The Live Project gave us a practical knowledge of the market and its workings and trends. Our objective was to note down the timings that each activity consumed in a DBSR/KASR’s interaction with the retailers, wholesalers etc. But, there was also a hidden learning in it.
We had to listen to each and every word that the Sales Representatives said while communicating and selling their products.
Ø  We came to know which product was in demand,
Ø  What were the selling tactics that the representatives were using to sell RB’s products,
Ø   Differences between Modern Trade (i.e. Supermarkets, Hypermarkets) and Traditional Trade (i.e. Retail outlets, ‘kirana’ stores etc.).
Ø  How does Supply change works
Ø  How does sales representative use Push strategies
Ø  Types of customer and their behaviour
Ø  Patience and Utilization of Time
Ø  How to maintain relationship with stores
Ø  How Company is Motivating sale person for new leads by providing incentive.
Ø  How to Negotiate with customer and to push them for new products.
Ø  How the distribution network function and various channel in it
Ø  We Identified in Modern trade how Visibility of product with promotion helps to sale product does.
Ø   We also identified how customer gets attracted toward the product (like by giving promo offer and how advertising help in sale .
We also learnt that selling is a process that takes time and patience, a touch of humility with a dose of aggression, but most of all, it takes a strong convincing power, without which RB’s market dominance in a portion of the FMCG sector, would not be there. The Sales Representatives are the face of the company, and they do an outstanding job, which shows. Reckitt Benckiser has an efficient distribution channel, which is essential for any and every FMCG company. One more important thing we know how many channels they use to make their product available. In order to encourage retailers they come up with new retailer relationship schemes like UDAAN, SAMBANDAM and providing some target based incentives to them.

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