Monday, 27 February 2012

Time and motion Study in Reckitt Benckiser

Date 27-02-2012

Time and Motion Study:-

The objective of time and motion study is to determine a normal or average time for a job, by using observers to record exactly how much time is being devoted to each task.

Motion study is designed to determine to best way to complete a repetitive job
Time study measures how long it takes an average worker to complete a task at a normal pace.
The basic purpose is to improve the work and to reduce waste.

·         Analysis techniques:-
Manufacturing management and engineering students are being prepared to design work stations, develop efficient  and effective work methods, establish time standards, balance assembly lines, estimate labor costs, develop effective tooling, select proper equipment, and layout manufacturing facilities.

How it works?
  • establish the standard job method
  • break down the job into elements
  • study the job 
  • rate the worker's performance 
  • compute the average time 
  • compute the normal time 
This techniques helps 
  • T&M studies can be effective for performance evaluations.
  • T&M can be used for planning purposes in order to predict the level of output that may be achieved.
  • T & M studies can be used to uncover problems and create solutions.
  • T & M studies can be used for time cost analysis.
Reckitt Benckiser :-
Reckitt Benckiser  also follow this techniques to short out the problem from his distribution channel .
 Reckitt Benckiser want to improve his distribution channel for that they started study.
In  Distribution channel  they have several number of sale persons , to perform study  they assign  one intern-manage to one sale person respectively  . Intern-manager has given instruction that he have to work as a shadow of sale person, have to maintain single min work of sale person and his motion.
They gave some set of sheet to the Intern-manage in which they have to maintain time only during their work
  • activities in distribution center
  • activities at the outlet with the owner
  •  waiting time 
  •  order time 
  •  net rate calculation time 
  •  Selling negotiation time 
  • cash collection ,etc
  • activities in the outlet on shop floor
  • activities on a move 
  • activities involving training
 After analysis  time and complies data time for over  all   till 2 to 3 days, and days will depend on the basis of  problem .
 The data have to submit to the senior manager after analysis the data , Manager will make some short of notes, suggestion on that particular sale person who having a problem.
During interaction manager will be try to convey and brief the problem to the sale person.  .
Through this study and analysis they will improve their sale.

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