Saturday, 25 February 2012

My First Interview during MBA for Live project IN Reckitt Benckiser

Well as everyone know about Reckitt Benckiser company,The is the top most company in household product like Dettol , veet, harpic, lyizol  ,strepsils. 
we got mail on 14 Feb that whosever intersected for live project   for Reckitt Benckiser  apply before 15 Feb  by sending resume .i had send resume , after 2 day I known about that  10 selected out of 50 resume .
I  am one of then out of 10 , so next round is personal Interview. So  Placement faulty told us that whenever   we will got any information regarding interview we will tell you people before 8 hrs .
On 25 feb I was in college bus to go for college ,when I was in bus I got a call for placement dep,
I am Rahul Sharma Calling from Placement dept IILM .
“You got selected in RB right ”
Yes Sir
“You have Interview at 10 am today”
at that time
I was totally bank
what to say and not .
“yes sir”
“Write the address for same ”
ok thank you sir
I watched time its around 8:15 am , I stop  running bus I went out because I don’t have time and have to reach over there at 10:00 am.
i reached hostel at 9:00 am ,meet all the rb selected person I told them to be ready with in time period ,then I went to my room  shave ,iron the dress ,Google some thing considering RB in mind.
 I searcher for my resume  but I would not able to find it ,then I went for resume  in  Xerox machine , but Xerox m/c shop was not open yet ,all the 7 person from our hostel  no one have resume in there hand  all have to go for interview , then we arrange. 

we reached rb company at 10:30 am , we meet there to MR. Mr Saurabh Shinde While entering through the entry gate Mr Shinde Was standing over there like Lion  his first eyes on our shoes and dress that I observes from his eye side .

Well we known that in corporate we didn't have to give any excuses  so we simply said sir sorry  for late it’s the mistake of  Auto wala he brought us something different place.
 Mr. shinde took all resume call Akant  and interview is atlast start ,  all 7 student who were
Waiting for there turn ,they were discuses about rb and the person who is taking our interview  we let known about that the person who is taking interview inside is the perons pass out from IIM Indor , belive me by listing  the converstion among us I totally blank , big explosion is going inside me  at point I though that it is better to leave  interview.But   my self-motivation help me to bring me from one level of excellence to another level of excellence .
 Ankit gone for interview  and came after 30 min and then Madhuram Gone inside ankit  is the person who have good command on every thing means person have good knownledge about every thing and hardworking personality also . We the person who want to explore  what happen in interview to get help for our interview . he was 99% upset ,nervous. Due to this our couage is down.
after madhuram he called me I took deep breath and I took my dear god name .
when I went inside he didn’t asked single question  till 10 min after that he asked genral question
·         Introduction
·         Family Background
·         Strenght
·         Hobbies
·         And general question that’s it
He rude me in Hobbies
 After that he had gave feedback also   
    My interview was of 30 min
But it was a health conversation between interviewer and me .
After sometime all interview over and sir  told you people go I will contact ur placement manager .
we came to hostel at 2:00 pm

At  evening I got call from madhuram that u got selected for rb.

During this interview I learn lot of things
And I will try to do these things
every day update ur resume
Every morning think that today is ur interview and be ready for same

“1st interview, big brand, 30 min late, and interview is of 30 min, and interview is not good”

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