Friday, 12 October 2012

Is Technology helps to Reduce Corruption or not?


"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." 

In 90's there where system to maintain data through paper documentation, and which is not accurate.
By taking advantages people used to do corruption by making fool to people.
Corruption leads due to
-miss management 
-communication gaps
-lack of transparency 
The scenario is changed ,new things come up with allot of support in daily life and helps to makes things transparent, i.e. Technology.
If we see in world we can see every where in world not a single things is their which is not a part of Technology ,everyone  in world is using directly and indirectly.

 Early when funds from government goes from government to BPL people, Handicap people, farmer but insist of reaching them money is vanished like Tide is showing in adverting.
Because way in between government and people is not transparent.    
Indian Government issue "ADHAR Card"  to each and every people in India, so with the helps of this corruption will reduces because there would be transparent through that card once they get there money the acknowledgment through Adhar card directly goes to the government.

If we upgrade above system by technologies then there would be chance to reduces corruption.
Nowadays growing country are using technology in every system like judicial, administrative, and every work.
Consider Public transportation there were big corruption we can see, in train by allocating shit in reservation boggy, by First come first server basics by taking huge money, traffic police fine,  

Our point here is whether technology is helping to reduces corruption or not ,
I would like to give some example where we can say, in the scenario like technology is helping to reduces corruption and i will give example where technology leads to corruption.
Delhi metro is the best example which helps to reduces corruption by 90 % to 95 % , because all transaction
has been done through technology. there is total transparent  between consumer and admin department.

In early election had been done by "page and stamp method" at that time by forces allots of corruption done by interchanging Votes and overcome  electronic voting machine came, which helps to reduces corruption.
But other side is also true that technology leads to corruption, let the examples of banks, now a day banks and documentation work and transaction has been done online through upgraded technology, but for own benefit Hacker(thief) steel that money through online they delete all document and transfer money to unknown account, Thief are using technology for there benefit,Politician also using technology doing wrong things.

So we can say that technology is not one who is responsible for reducing corruption or leads corruption its depends on  person who is using technology.

I would like to suggest that technology, with proper management can helps to reduces corruption.
We can seen that MNC company they are using technology with proper or we can say effective management.That why we didnt find any corruption there.

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